Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MISS MARTIAN by David Cutler

Hellooo, Megan! It's Miss Martian week on Spitballin' and I'm back from douching out on Blacksad, trying to get my contribution in early.

I'm mostly familiar with Miss Martian from the Young Justice cartoon show, rather than the comics, but right from when they introduced her I was into the concept. Green Lantern aside, Martian Manhunter was always the guy in the JLA big seven who never managed to be a legacy character. Everyone else had Kid Flashes and Aqualads and lasses all over the place, and for the longest time J'onn never managed to franchise. She fits in with the classic teen sidekicks really well, I think. She may be off the Teen Titans, but she's for sure on my Titans dream team.

Also, this'll be Ryan Bullard's first week as a full time, regular team member here at Spitballin'--we had to bring him on after he blew us all away back in Kraven the Hunter week. Can't wait to see what he (and everybody else) cooks up!


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Adam said...

you are a hot mess, solid as always sir.