Sunday, October 30, 2011

WOLFMAN - by Neil Tavares

So here is my All Hallow's Eve pick, the Wolfman. A little more wolf than man. I have always been a Wolf lover vs Vamps. Vamps are so prissy and wimpy… I can't help it, and this isn't even having Twilight twinkle it's way into the monster world. C'mon, Vamps are out of commission like 50% of the day. Depending on what werewolf movie you watch, they can change 24/7. However the full moon is a bit of a complication ha ha. Bottom line, Wolves are rough tough and rugged. Vamps are a little pale and wimpy for my liking.

Cheers all!


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Originally I wasn't very excited about this one... buuut it was pretty fun.  Bride of Frankenstein came out  in 1935 so I thought it would be awesome to illustrate her as a classy pin up!  

Happy Halloween etc.

- Selena

Creature from the Black Lagoon by meaghan carter!

Hide yo kids hide yo wife!

DRACULA by Michael Walsh

Really busy with a bunch of commissions and other work this week so had to keep it pretty simple and quick. That said I still had a lot of fun with this one , trying to keep a likeness to Bela Lugosi and still keep it creepy.


Monday, October 24, 2011

APOCALYPSE by Ryan Bullard

I thought if would be fun to do a sketch of Apocalypse based on the famous image of Boris Karloff as the Mummy from 1932. It's getting close to Halloween, and Apocalypse is pretty much just the most insanley powerful mummy to exist anyway, so why not?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

APOCALYPSE by Gerard de la Costa

I really have no idea what the 411 is with Apocalypse other than his penchant for taking the boots to the X-Men (actually, truth be told, I'm one of those comic guys that has more fun just looking at the pretty pictures than reading the story). With a perma-scowl like that maybe the dude just needs to hug it out?

Went old school with this one: Prismacolour cool grey markers and white pencil crayon on the cardboard backing that the newsprint pad is glued to (MTM Life Drawing Class : represent!).


Apocalypse is a character I remember fondly from the X-men cartoon of my youth. The X-men seemed hopelessly outmatched, I was sure the Earth was doomed. It never occurred to me as wrong that a godlike cyborg from the future would wear an A on his belt.


APOCALYPSE - Neil Tavares

Ha ha, not a tremendous amount to say about this one. We were talking about who we'd have in our X-Men team if we could choose. Ryan said, if Neil could pick, he'd have Pokemon in it. So i figured I go this far with the big blue baddie.

Tried some new things with this one, some nicer inking, and playing more with neutral colours as the base tone. hope you all like it!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

APOCALYPSE by Michael Walsh

I was always a sucker for anything X-Men, especially the villains... Magneto, Phoenix, the Hellfire Club, Sentinel, Mister Sinister and this here jerk face, darwin extremist, Apocalypse. His powers were pretty ambiguous but the gist of it is that he can do anything. He specializes in cutting the x-men into sushi.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DR. STRANGE by Gerard de la Costa

Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

If you're rolling with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, you better be able to do more than pull a freakin' rabbit out of a top hat.

Monday, October 17, 2011

DR. STRANGE by Selena Goulding

Dr. Strange has a hangover... you can only imagine what he was up to.

Dr. STRANGE by Ryan Bullard

So, yeah.. What can I say about Dr. Strange? He's pretty damn awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I had a lot of trouble this week trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. There's so many possibilities with this character, so I basically ended up doing everything. The Dark Dimension, the Mindless Ones, Clea and the good doctor, and of course, the Dread Dormammu himself. If I gave myself more time I would have made the Dark Dimension more weird and Ditko-ish, but hopefully the giant demon lord with the flaming head will distract you enough not to notice.


DR STRANGE by meaghan carter!

Holy wow did I wrestle with this one. I must've went through three full penciled submissions. Even this one I wasn't keen on. Once I got into coloring it though, I started hating it less haha.

I know next to nothing about Dr. Strange. All I know is that when the avengers and marvel heroes ever run into magic bull nonsense, they call this guy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DR. STRANGE by Neil Tavares

Ok, so I don't know much about Dr Strange, but I have to say, he is right up there with the Fantastic 4 for secret crushes. Something about him that is just so neat! However, I am not such a fan of the get up…. leopard skin gloves? Nu uh. So I went with a little more of a formal look for the Doc. Also, if your wondering how I got the runes so smooth, Flash baby, Flash. Line tool, convert to symbol, then copy and paste in Photoshop. Then just hue/sat'ed it… cuz I didn't pick the colour in flash… bah!


DR. STRANGE by David Cutler

"Human eyes have never witnessed such a struggle!"

By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, I love Dr. Strange. My Steve Ditko fandom is intense as well, so I went a little nuts this week depicting the one time Sorcerer Supreme battling it out with the dread Dormammu in the astral plane. I wanted desperately to colour it as well, but the time just isn't there. Hopefully some noble passing Adam Metcalfe will ask for the lineart and do us both proud.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

DR. STRANGE by Ken House

Dr Strange is in a showdown with his nemesis, Dormammu! This week seemed like a good opportunity to do something weird. I'm especially looking forward to the rest of the batch.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DR. STRANGE by Michael Walsh

I love this guys costume , it is such a cool design and so fun to illustrate. Really invokes that sense of the mystical that the character is all about. Had a ton of fun with this one and as usual I've got the black and white inks up on my Tumblr. (I think I like them more.)

One of the reasons I chose this character was so I could see all the different adaptations. Its going to be a really interesting week.

Also, I didn't have chance to welcome new member Maya last week but she is an amazing artist and I'm proud that she is now a part of the group.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ms. MARVEL by Ryan Bullard

Poor Ms. Marvel, she just can't catch a break. Even an hilariously out of character Dr. Doom (see the infamous Mighty Avengers #11) doesn't respect her in the slightest.


Highlights from Mighty Avengers #11's Misogynist Dr. Doom after the jump.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ms. MARVEL by meaghan carter!

I don't know much about Miss Marvel. But what I DO know, I love. She has super strength and invulnerability, she at one point led the avengers, and her costume is slick! I will count her on my team when the world ends.

Ms. MARVEL by David Cutler

It's no secret that Ms. Marvel isn't exactly in my all time top 5, but I tried to have some fun with her all the same. I invented a colour palette out of nothing for once. Yarr, I don't know what I'm doin'.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Ms. MARVEL by Maya Nord

Hey guys! I'm Maya, the newest team member for Spitballin', this week is my first week participating, so may I present my take on Ms. Marvel; a character I knew next to nothing about until yesterday.

I changed up her costume a bit, since I kind of hate the super high cut bottom (so 90's!), but removing it gives the costume too much solid black for my liking, so I added some side panels to balance it out. Hope ya dig!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ms. MARVEL by Michael Walsh

Messing around with shadows as per usual. Tried to really define her without having any lines thought some stars might help with that.


Ms. MARVEL by Selena Goulding

Ms Marvel... I guess she's okay.  

- Selena

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ms. MARVEL by Ken House

80% of this entry is from awhile back, when we nearly had a Ms. Marvel week once before. There are a couple aspects of it I still feel good about and others that are totally embarrassing, even though I quickly cleaned up a few of the worst before posting.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

BULMA by meaghan carter!

Bulma is probably the cutest female manga character I can think of. I remember when I was little and watching dragonball, and being so jealous of her capsules and motorbike.

SON GOKU by David Cutler

I loved the original Dragon Ball, and my favorite video game of all time is perhaps Chrono Trigger, so my Toriyama fan pedigree is somewhat high--but I have to agree with Ryan before me, I just never got into the Dragon Ball Z incarnation of the show. Just couldn't handle those staring contest episodes.

Still, adult Goku is awesome, and I know DBZ fandom is intense. If you're into it we can still be friends.