Saturday, April 23, 2011

SPAWN by Gerard de la Costa

Ok, truthfully, I've never drawn Spawn and this was actually a fun character to draw; certainly not one of the usual heroes or villains in my "go to" list when I'm in the mood to draw something. I went old school, opting for Prismacolor markers due to my debilitating fear of Photoshop (my therapist and support group are all rooting for me - I'll beat this Photoshophobia!). Check out my sketchblog for the lineart.

When the idea of Spitballin' was presented to me I felt honoured to be included with the other talented artists. I hope that every week, with every character that we do, we'll be bringing out the best in each other. I guess that's what's at the core of this sketchgroup: to bring you out of your comfort zone, draw characters for the first time, and show everyone what you bring to the table art-wise.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

- Gerard


Adam said...

look at you rendering like a champ. The spawn logo seems redundant but you do like your lettering so I'll let it slide this time! Love the detail aka the filipino way.

P Skritty said...

Can come one tell me what the arkham city limited edition painting is worth ? I been trying to find it on the Internet. says it's done by ADAM METCALF & gerard de la costa. Thanks

P Skritty said...
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