Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SPAWN by David Cutler

Being that this is both my first post here and my first time choosing the character to be Spitballed, I wanted to make sure it was something fun. I tossed around a bunch of character ideas but in the end I arrived at Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Like Michael, I hadn't drawn the guy since I was 12 or 13, when I used to copy him out of the comics that came with the original action figures. It's amazing that even though his costume's covered in common 90s superhero excesses (he's got spikes, skulls, chains, pouches, an impractically long cape, and very often gigantic guns--he's only missing one enormous shoulder pad) he still manages to look really cool.

You can check out the lineart at my blog, posted in the sidebar. Can't wait to find out who we're doing next. This is gonna be awesome.

- David


Adam said...

yep, impractical costume but still manages to look cool.

nice work, everyone doing full colour on these?

David J. Cutler said...

Thanks! I'm gonna try do colour to as often as I can. I know G is photoshopaphobic, so less often for him I think.

Mandi said...

Good Job, my dear! Good job!

Gerard de la Costa said...

Great colours! And kudos for having the patience to draw chains - I wussed out and almost drew him holding a puppy.

And you ain't lying about my Photoshopaphobia!