Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BATMAN BEYOND by David Cutler

Doing something I wouldn't normally do here, but we've all been getting really busy lately and I wanted to keep the post numbers up. This is a bat photo of a Batman Beyond con sketch I did over the weekend. Also it's off model. Also I hate you.

I've loved Batman Beyond since the previews for it started airing in the fall of 98. Still, every time I think of Batman Beyond I think of the commercial YTV ran for it sometime in the middle of its run, when YTV seemed to think it was keen to advertise their shows by making fun of them. Here's the little ditty they wrote for Terry McGinnis, to the tune of Camptown Races:

This Batman is way beyond
Doo-dah, Doo-dah
Way beyond the old Batman
Oh, de-way-beyond

Wish I could find a clip to it because there was more to it than that ("Batman's got a jeeeet"). Track it down for me, friends.


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Anonymous said...

I tried to find the video for you, but when I googled "ytv batman beyond commercial", Spitballin was the 3rd and 4th result.
It did not give me high hopes and thus ended my search.