Friday, July 22, 2011

M.O.D.O.K by Grace & Tim Miner

I recently came into contact with Tim of 5 minute marvels over some twitter communications. I immediately fell in love with their BLOG. A Quote from their page...
"One day (Grace and Cate) asked if we could draw together.  And, a bedtime tradition was born.We pick one character and spend 5 to 15 minutes drawing — just enough to have fun, but not enough to be a perfectionist."
I was lucky enough growing up to have a family that encouraged my artistic endeavours and It's fantastic that Tim and his two daughters, Grace (7) and Cate (6), can share this together. I expect great things from these budding young artists.
We were doubly excited when we were asked to participate in this week’s theme … Jack Kirby’s supreme creation – MODOK!
Grace had a lot of fun with this one … and I think it shows in her work. Great expression. Good pencils and tight inks. I was still having fun with my classic funnies/comic book character mash-ups and decided to blend everyone’s favorite blockhead, Charlie Brown, with everyone’s favorite flying head.

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David J. Cutler said...

Waaah! I couldn't love this more haha! Great job, Miners clan!